vehicle tracking software and calltaxi management software chennai
  • Keeping better track of where vehicles and shipments are.
  • Provides extra security on the vehicles and shipments.
  • Prevents extensive loss caused by the delays and unexpected situations.
  • There are so many hassless and complexities related to any transport business, GPS Tracking System get rid of those complexities.

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vehicle tracking system

  • vehicle tracking software and calltaxi management software chennai
  • vehicle tracking software and calltaxi management software chennai
  • vehicle tracking software and calltaxi management software chennai
  • vehicle tracking software and calltaxi management software chennai
    Live tracking
  • vehicle tracking software and calltaxi management software chennai
    Fuel Monitoring
  • vehicle tracking software and calltaxi management software chennai
    Speed Monitoring


We provide various Scheduled and On Demand Reports which users can run whenever needed or scheduled to run automatically with the results emailed to any number of recipients on a daily or weekly basis. A list of reports that Qwicksoft offers is-

  • History Report
  • Stopage Report
  • Distance Report
  • Trip Report
  • Consolidation Report
  • Current Fleet Report
  • Summary Report
  • Route Deviation Report
  • Geo Fence Report
  • Over Speed Report
  • Tracking History


Qwicksoft offers Geo-fencing as a standard feature on all devices. Geo-Fencing uses global positioning system (GPS) to define geographical boundaries or a virtual barrier and can alert the vehicle manager on entry or exit of the vehicle into the selected boundary.

Our Geo-Fence feature allows you to quickly and easily set up geographic boundaries around specific areas and then receive automated alerts via SMS or email whenever a vehicle enters or exits those boundaries.


One of the most fundamental requirement from Vehicle Tracking System is to provide accurate and timely EXCEPTION REPORTING. We cover a range of Alerts & notifications. These alerts and notifications are communicated via email or in the form of a text message (SMS) when such events occur. Notification system sends alerts when it detects any of the following.

  • Ignition Alert
  • SOS Alert
  • OverSpeed Alert
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Power Cutoff Alert
  • Fuel Cutoff Alert
  • Idling Alert
  • Woke Up Alert
  • Fatigue Alert
  • Running Time Alert
  • GeoPreferred Alert
  • GeoRestricted Alert
  • Road Geofence Alert
  • Landmark Geofence Alert
  • Long Stop Alert
  • Harsh Acceleration Alert
  • Harsh Braking Alert


Live Tracking feature enables our customers to see their vehicle move live on the map in real time. This feature is extremely handy for fleet managers and individual vehicle owners as this helps them keep an close eye on the vehicle to avoid abuse. Our live tracking feature is extremely simple to use and helps our customers see their vehicles moving on the map with all the important data and parameters right alongside it.


The high cost of fuel/gas always has major impact on operating expense of any business. Fleet owners are always looking for technologies which can help them find ways to cut costs. Qwicksoft offers various options for users to monitor fuel consumptions in order to take measures to cut fuel costs. Our fuel level sensor works with our GPS tracking device to send live fuel monitoring data to our server and help us do real time monitoring of fuel volume and fleet tracking.

  • Fuel consumption report by kilometers / driving distance
  • Fuel consumption report by hours / driving time
  • Report of vehicle refueling
  • Alert you when there is a drainage along with time and location
  • Keep tracking of refueling volume
  • Monitor idling reports to cut down consumption


Vehicle speed contributes to crash probability, and an exceptionally important factor is the variability in speed on the same segment of highway.

Constant speed monitoring system will be provided and it send notifications and alerts to the fleet manager and to the driver if the speed limit exceeded in order to decrease the risk of Accident.



Our solution gives a high-tech working environment to the COURIER COMPANY keeping a close pace with technological advancements. It saves investment over manpower by making it 99% automated software. Admin panel automatically updates itself with every transactions occurring in your taxi company. Allow our efficient software to perform your PARCEL companies tough activities.

  • Control the Drivers & Vehicles
  • Maintain Financial Situations
  • Review process results for schedules
  • Review plan type details for participant events
  • Review cost and credit information for plan types

vehicle tracking software and calltaxi management software chennai
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